Reasons to Follow Your Routine Maintenance Schedule

July 23rd, 2019 by

Even motorists who’ve been driving for years sometimes ask us why it’s so important to follow their routine maintenance schedule. While routine maintenance may seem like no big deal, it is. Sticking to your routine maintenance schedule is crucial to your ownership experience regardless of whether you drive a 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLE or an older model.

Although it might seem counterintuitive, adhering to your routine maintenance schedule will keep your cumulative service costs lower than they would be otherwise. AAA estimates that drivers who follow their routine maintenance schedule save an average of $100 per service appointment. That can really add up over the course of your car’s lifetime.

Routine maintenance is the key to prolonging your vehicle’s working life. It’s also necessary to ensure you get top dollar if you choose to sell your automobile down the line. When you can prove that you’ve maintained your car in good condition by following your routine maintenance schedule, you can command a higher resale price.

Just like routine maintenance can save you money, sticking to your schedule can also save you time. When you bring your car into our Van Nuys, CA Mercedes-Benz service center regularly, our technicians will be able to spot and fix minor issues before they blossom into big problems.

Big problems don’t “just” cost more to fix. They also require more time to remedy. No one likes it when their car isn’t where it’s supposed to be—on the road—because it costs them valuable time. You can save time and avoid having to rely on a loaner or rental car by adhering to your routine maintenance schedule.

Now, you’ll never have to ask, “Is there a Mercedes-Benz dealer near me who can explain why routine maintenance is so important?” because you already know why it’s vital. If your car is due for service, contact Keyes European to schedule an appointment now.

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