Kick Off National Car Care Month at Keyes European

April 4th, 2019 by

Now that spring has officially arrived, you might be thinking, “I wish I could find a Mercedes-Benz dealer near me who could help me care for my vehicle all year long.” If that thought sounds familiar, you should know that we’re committed to caring for automobiles from January through December.

It doesn’t matter to us if your car was produced by the Mercedes-Benz brand. We want you to get the most out of being a car owner no matter what kind of vehicle you drive. That’s why we’re committed to car care.

April is a great time to make a vow to tend to your automobile. That’s because April is National Car Care Month. Started by the Car Care Council, National Car Care Month is designed to reinforce how crucial it is for motorists to tend to their vehicles.

In a blog post we shared earlier this year, we discussed the reasons why you should follow your car’s routine maintenance schedule. If you read that post, then you know adhering to your routine maintenance schedule can pay off in the short- and long-term.

Servicing your automobile regularly can keep your cumulative service costs as low as possible. Sticking to your routine maintenance schedule can also help you get top dollar for your vehicle if you choose to sell or trade it in down the line.

To enjoy the benefits that routine maintenance can provide, we invite you to kick off National Car Care Month by bringing your vehicle into our Mercedes-Benz service center. Our factory-trained technicians will perform any routine maintenance your car needs and fix any problems you’ve been experiencing with your automobile.

If your vehicle is due for some routine maintenance or it needs a repair, head over to Keyes European now.

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