How to Keep a Parked Car Comfy during Summer

July 7th, 2019 by

If you’re looking for something cool to do now that summer has arrived, we invite you to look through our inventory of new Mercedes-Benz cars. When you do, you’ll see Mercedes-Benz SUVs and an array of other body styles, such as sedans and coupes. Whether you buy one of our previously owned models or a new Mercedes-Benz vehicle, you’ll quickly realize how hot a car can get after it’s been parked for a while.

Invariably, the weather around our Van Nuys, CA Mercedes-Benz dealership makes getting into a parked automobile an unpleasant experience during summer. That is, warm temperatures and sunny skies can make it uncomfortable to get into a parked car if you don’t take steps to keep the inside of your vehicle as cool as possible.

Keeping your windows cracked open a bit is a smart way to keep your car cooler. When your windows are slightly open, some of the hot air will be able to escape from the inside of your vehicle. You can get even more hot air out by letting a small solar fan run inside your automobile when it’s parked.

We know it isn’t always possible to park in a shady spot or parking garage. You can always use a sunshade to block the sun’s rays, however. A sunshade will prevent sunlight from heating up the air in your car and it will also protect the surfaces in your car from getting too hot. If you’ve ever slid into a leather seat in a parked car while wearing shorts, you know firsthand how important it is to prevent your car’s surfaces from getting too hot.

For more tips about keeping a parked automobile comfortable throughout summer, contact Keyes European or stop by our convenient location on Van Nuys Boulevard today.

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