Keep Your Battery Going Strong at Keyes European

Car Battery

When you drive off from our Los Angeles area Mercedes-Benz dealership after making a purchase from our stock of new Mercedes-Benz cars, you’ll get to experience thrilling performance, refined technology, and uncompromising luxury. To make sure your car stays in excellent condition for as long as possible, bring your vehicle over to our Mercedes-Benz service center in Van Nuys here at Keyes European.


Car Battery Wear


One of the most crucial parts of your car to maintain is your car battery. If your car battery malfunctions or dies, your car won’t even be able to start and you’ll be left in a tight situation. While car batteries are made to last a substantial amount of time, up to six years if all the factors work in your favor, it’s important to take good care of your battery. This is especially true in the LA area where hot temperatures can be expected for much of the year. As temperatures rise, the heat can interfere with your car battery’s internal chemistry, causing it to drain or die early.


Another thing to look out for is how you drive your car. Your battery uses energy to start your car and will recharge as you go along. Because of this, lots of short trips can drain your battery and put stress on it that can cause it to go out early. You’ll also want to keep an eye out for corrosion around your battery connection, as this can cut off the flow of energy.


Our Service Center


Here at our Mercedes-Benz service center near Calabasas, our certified Mercedes-Benz technicians will check your lights, tire pressure, and fluid levels along with various aspects of your car battery. We will make sure all of your connections are secure and that your battery is free of any harmful corrosion. If necessary, we can also charge your battery to make sure it has plenty of power to keep going strong. And if you end up needing a new battery, we will replace your old one with a brand new battery from our stock of OEM Mercedes-Benz parts.

Contact our Mercedes-Benz dealership near Beverly Hills today to learn more about the services we offer and to schedule your service appointment. We look forward to helping you enjoy your driving experience for longer.