How to Test Drive a Car at Keyes European

Car Dealership

At Keyes European, we’re as amazed by the changes in the car-buying experience during our time in business as we’ve been amazed by changes in our new Mercedes-Benz models. But we’ve come to realize that the more things change, the more the fundamentals matter. That’s why we still work hard to provide value, knowledge, and friendly service to everyone who visits — and why a test drive will always be the most important part of your car research.

Checklist for Your Test Drive

While the fundamentals matter, we’re not about to turn our backs on technology — especially not when there’s so much of it in Mercedes-Benz vehicles. But that technology, including infotainment systems, active safety features, and advanced driver information displays, just underscores the importance of actually getting behind the wheel and trying everything out. Merely kicking the tires won’t cut it these days. A few features that demand attention:

  • Powertrains: The powertrain consists of the engine, transmission, and driveline. Different engines will handle differently in the same car, and all-wheel drive feels much different than either front or rear-wheel drive. Whether those things make for a better drive comes down to personal taste.
  • Handling: Handling is hard to describe, and is better understood by feel. How quickly a car accelerates, and how much bite the brakes have, can make a difference here. So can the way a car handles, and how the steering responds to your touch.
  • Comfort: How well does the vehicle fit, and how well do you fit in it? Headroom and legroom matter to passengers (especially in the back seats) as much as the driver. The layout of the dash, infotainment system, and other controls should feel natural to you. And you should also factor cargo space into your buying decision, especially if you travel or shop often.

Cars to Test Drive

Your Mercedes-Benz dealership near Los Angeles offers dozens of choices once you account for models, trims, and options. While a sedan like the Mercedes-Benz E-Class exemplifies the brand’s classic strengths and profile, times change. You may find an SUV like the Mercedes-Benz GLE (or something smaller, like the Mercedes-Benz GLC) a better fit for your family while still offering ample agility when you’re dealing with city traffic.

It helps to research models, ogle photos of Mercedes-Benz models, and pore over spec sheets. We welcome your questions, after all. But your test drive is where the rubber meets the road — literally. So visit Keyes European at 5400 Van Nuys Blvd in Van Nuys, CA to get started!