Car Engine Service at Keyes European

Car Engine Service

Here at Keyes European, we understand how important it is to have a Mercedes-Benz dealership near Los Angeles you can trust for more than just finding a new Mercedes-Benz for sale. That’s why we offer top-quality Mercedes-Benz service for a wide range of automotive needs, from routine maintenance to major repairs. One way to avoid needing repairs is by bringing your car over to our Mercedes-Benz dealership in Van-Nuys for routine engine service.


Types of Engine Wear


Here at our service center, we are familiar with all types of engine wear and how it can potentially shorten the life of your car. There are four general types of engine wear to look out for, and by bringing your car to our service center for routine maintenance, we can help minimize all of these types of wear for optimal performance and efficiency.


Abrasive wear is a common problem we encounter in the cars we service and happens when outside materials contaminate the engine and grind against the metal parts. Adhesive wear occurs when metal components come in contact under high amounts of pressure or hot temperatures. This can cause the metal to fuse together in small areas, creating imperfections when pulled apart.


Chemical wear, or corrosive wear, happens due to prolonged exposure to a harsh chemical. The most common type of wear for car engines is fatigue wear, which happens simply due to the normal pressure of car parts moving against each other, even when lubricated, over time.


Reasons to Service at Keyes European


When you bring your vehicle over to our Mercedes-Benz service center near Beverly Hills, you can rest assured that your car will be left in trustworthy hands. Our certified Mercedes-Benz technicians will make sure your car engine is up to date on all essential maintenance items, such as oil changes and air filter replacements.


If you end up needing repairs, our technicians will get your car fitted with a fresh Mercedes-Benz OEM part from our parts department. We work quickly and carefully in order to make sure your car gets back to you in excellent condition without creating too much of an interruption to your busy schedule.


Make your service appointment with us today to make sure your Mercedes-Benz car keeps driving like new!